Don't Hate Your Patients

How good boundaries and consistent practices protect and improve the patient-practitioner relationship 5 PDAs


I am almost positive that sometimes you do. Your patients may test your compassion in any number of ways. They may be late, or not show up for appointments. They may never have their wallet with them, or refuse to pay bills. You may not like how they talk to you. All of these slights, major and minor, can negatively affect how we feel about our patients.

The solution is clear communication of our boundaries so we can get our needs met in clinic. You may not think of yourself as having needs, but I assure you, you do. You have needs around time, money, compliance, respect, all kinds of needs! And the key for getting those needs met is for patients to understand that you have them. Too often, we are not clear about our needs, so patients can't meet them, and resentment develops. 

Join me for a journey to understanding your professional boundaries. You can create policies and procedures that protect your happiness and help you love your patients. 

5 CEUs NCCAOM, ethics

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Course Curriculum

Admit it, you hate your patients
Terrible patients and boundaries
Accommodation and the God complex
Introduction to boundaries
Behavior, compliance, and directing care
Concluding thoughts

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13 Videos
1 Quiz
9 Surveys
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Donna Stewart
Donna Stewart
L.Ac., PT, private practice owner

About the instructor

I've been in healthcare since 1993, first as a physical therapist and then as an acupuncturist in private practice. In my nearly 25 years of working in medicine, I have discovered many lessons about how to be happy working in our field. I created these online courses as a way to share my knowledge and help others be happier, too. 

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